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 Loved the outside seating area, like a cafe to people watch...excellent!

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shabbadosanddonts 3 contributions
New York
Sep 24, 2008 | Trip type: Couples

Wonderful stay, very centrally guest house located. The room and hot tub were great. Breakfast could have had a bit more variety, The set-up was a bit strange, and the coffee station should be easier to get to, but it was great nonetheless. Our room needed a dresser and the walls were a bit thin in the bathroom, but still... more

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JRinDallas 1 contribution
Sep 8, 2008
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How fabulous to go to Provincetown and stay in a truly beautiful setting and sit out front in the garden lounge right on Commercial Street and see an honest to goodness double rainbow! It does not get any better than that. There were guests from France, Ohio, California, Texas and beyond who gathered on Saturday afternoon to watch the those... more

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drcahughes 19 contributions
charlotte, nc
Aug 30, 2008 | Trip type: Couples

My partner and I stayed at the Prince Albert for 3 nights the week after carnival. We had a great time. The location is perfect - just across from the Boatslip. There is a large patio with lots of chairs to relax and watch the endless parade of people pass by. Our room was in the back with a little... more

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elisabethnh 1 contribution
Sanbornton, NH
Apr 12, 2008 | Trip type: Couples
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Our stay at the Prince Albert Guest House was truly fantastic in every way. The hotel owner Stephen was so friendly and went out of his way to personally show us a wonderful place to eat, and the breakfast at the hotel itself was fresh and delicious. Our room was clean and beautiful. We truly felt welcome and the location... more

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HeddaFromDallas 1 contribution
Dallas, Texas
Feb 29, 2008

This place is FABULOUS! The property is under new ownership and the staff is GREAT!!! The rooms were spotless, the staff was flawless (and cute too) and the location is perfect!!! The same guys also own The Officer's Quarters (next door to The Prince Albert) too. I stayed there last August (07) and it was just as nice...great breakfast and... more

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Two_Chicago_Guys 2 contributions
Chicago, Illinois
Sep 29, 2007

My partner and I have been going to Provincetown for seven years and this has been the most delightful guest house experience we ever had. The owners, Mark and Rich, worked hard to create a relaxed, comfortable experience for all their guests. We particularly enjoyed the generous breakfast buffet. Better than any we've seen in P-town. The location can't be... more

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cowboybuddy 1 contribution
Nov 14, 2006 | Trip type: Friends getaway
3/3 found this review helpful

My buddy and I stayed at this property Veteran's Day Weeekend. The town was quiet but our stay at this location made it all worthwhile. One of the owners, Rich, was very welcoming and helpful. The housekeeping staff were great, and the accomodations were outstanding. It was beautifully decorated. I especially liked the jacuzzi and the 5 star continental breakfast.... more

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Bobby-n-Denny 1 contribution
Oct 29, 2006 | Trip type: Couples
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My husband and I just got back from a stay here and can't wait to go back. This place and the people were excellent. I felt like I was visiting a friend's house. We had the two-room suite in the house. Great room. The house was well kept and very clean -charm and character indeed. LOCATION: I can't wait to... more



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